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Over 50% donors ready, Ghaziabad plans plasma trials

GHAZIABAD: The health Department in Ghaziabad is planning to start plasma therapy trials in the district after over 50% of recovered patients have shown willingness to donate plasma, said officials.
The facility could be started at Santosh Hospital, which is an L3 Covid-19 hospital in the district....read more

CMAAO Coronavirus Facts and Myth Buster 113: Home Isolation

(With inputs from Dr Monica Vasudev)
931: How long does it take to get sick?
The “incubation period” is the time from exposure to the virus and the onset of symptoms. For COVID-19, the incubation period ranges from 1 to 14 days. But most people who develop symptoms usually do so 4 to 6 days after exposure.
932: How long are you infectious?
The infectious period is the time one can spread the virus to someone else. For COVID-19, emerging evidence suggests that the infectious period may start 1 to 3 days before one develops symptoms. ....read more

The Buddhist Description of a Disease: Desire, Hatred and Ignorance

According to Buddhism, three negative emotions cause a disease and they are “ignorance, hatred and desire”. According to the Buddhism philosophy, physical sicknesses are classified into three main types -
Disorders of the desire (Ayurvedic equivalent Vata imbalance): These are due to disharmony of the wind or energy. The seed of these disorders is located in the lower part of the body. It has cold preferences and is affected by mental desires. The person suffers from the disorders of movement functions....read more

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Not Oxford lab, not US company, Covid solution will come from India, China pharma industry


he biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, known as “big pharma”, are American and European. The top five are Pfizer (US), Roche, Novartis (both Swiss), Merck (US) and GlaxoSmithKline (UK). Yet these companies – and the pharmaceutical industry as a whole – rely on global supply chains. And China and India play key roles in the supply of both ingredients and finished drugs.
Hopes for a vaccine or a medicine that will treat COVID-19 rest on this crucial sector. Yet the globalisation of pharmaceuticals and what some see as an over-reliance on products from China and India has been criticised in the US, the UK and the European Union.

Bodies left on hospital beds as coronavirus overwhelms Mumbai

Why Mumbai is still struggling to cope with coronavirus
Mumbai: Hospital wards with corpses left unattended in hallways. Patients asked to sleep on the floor until beds open up. A woman with brain damage who died because she was refused medical help until her family could prove she was virus-free.
The public health-care system in Mumbai, epicenter of India’s worsening coronavirus outbreak, is overwhelmed as Covid-19 patients pour in and hospital staff work around the clock. Medical care for non-coronavirus patients has basically been shut off due to a lack of resources. ....read more