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35 drugs in the race to treat new coronavirus

Big pharma companies like GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi to small biotechs such as Moderna and Gilead Sciences are in the race but the researchers worldwide feel a vaccine to treat COVID-19 is at least 12 month away.

New Delhi: The world is scrambling to find a vaccine to treat the new coronavirus (COVID-19) as new cases keep emerging, a survey by Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN) has revealed that 35 active drug development programmes are currently on in North America, Europe and China.

Big pharma companies like GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi to small biotechs such as Moderna and Gilead Sciences are in the race but the researchers worldwide feel a vaccine to treat COVID-19 is at least 12 month away....read more

What to do if you are asked to do self home quarantine

Stay home unless you absolutely need to see a doctor. Avoid work, school, college, cinema halls and shopping. If you need to come out of your room, wear a surgical mask. Don’t share towels at all.

Self-quarantine and self-isolation are two different entities. Self-quarantine is for the large numbers of healthy people who may fall sick following possible exposure. However, self-isolation is meant for people who are already infected with the coronavirus. They pose a danger to their family and visitors, and must be watched carefully....read more

Wish you a Happy and Healthy Adwait Holi

The story behind the festival of Holi is familiar to us all.

It begins with Holika, the sister of Hiranyakashyap, who was the father of Prahalad. Hiranyakashyap had declared himself as God and wanted his son Prahalad to worship him and not Vishnu. When Prahalad refused to do the same, he was made to sit with Holika in an open fire. Holika had been granted a boon that she could not be burned even if she was on live fire. When she was made to sit with Prahalad on the live fire, the opposite happened. She burned to death but Prahalad came out unharmed and alive from the fire....read more

How Corona Aware Are You

Health Sutras By Dr K K Aggarwal

Laughter is the best medicine.



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Lincoln Pharma bets big on exports
Bio Spectrum

Lincoln Pharmaceuticals Limited, India's healthcare company is betting big on export business. With presence in more than 60 countries, company has reported export sales of Rs. 174.7 crore for the nine months ended Dec 2019 and expect it to cross Rs. 225 crore in FY19-20. Company is also expanding portfolio in lifestyle and chronic segment especially in women healthcare and dermatology to complement its strong presence in acute segment. In the next 2-3 years company is targeting sales of Rs. 500 crore. Mahendra Patel, Managing Director, Lincoln Pharmaceuticals Limited, said, "Export business has increased many fold to 54% of the sales in FY19 from 11% in FY11. For the FY2018-19 company registered exports of Rs. 197.43 crore. Export is the focus area for the company as margins are better and also the fact that off-late a lot of issues like price control, ban on FDC drugs (fixed dosage combination), sale of generic drugs, etc. have cropped up in the domestic market. Company has received many product registrations in countries like East and West Africa, South East Asia and Latin America and will look to expand presence in more countries." Company has presence in more than 60 countries encompassing Africa, Central America and Southeast Asia. Company's growth has been attributed to a strong performance in the domestic and international markets, new product approvals, healthy customer and product base and superior R&D capabilities supported by strong industry experience and improving market dynamics. “Going forward, we are building a strong portfolio in lifestyle and chronic segment especially in women healthcare and dermatology to complement our strong presence in acute segment. Company has recently secured patent for its liquid Diclofenac Metered-Dose Rectal Spray (Diclofenac Rectal Spray). The company has necessary approvals from Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) and is set to launch it in Indian markets very soon. The Company is also planning to apply for a Global Patent for this novel solution. Over the next 2-3 years company is targeting sales of Rs. 500 crore and vision to enter the league of 'Top 50 pharma cos' of India in the near future," said Mr. Patel.

Paracetamol, other drugs to battle coronavirus widely available in India for next 3 months
The Print- Himani Chandna

Paracetamol, antibiotics, HIV and antivirals drugs — all ‘supporting’ therapies administered to patients suffering from the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, are widely available in India, according to India’s largest chemist lobby, the All India Organisation of Chemists and Druggists (AIOCD). “We have checked the availability of stock for paracetamol, antibiotics and antiviral medicines. We can assure an uninterrupted supply for the next 90 days, which is three months,” Rajiv Singhal, general secretary of AIOCD, a lobby of 8.5 lakh chemists and traders, told ThePrint. The lobby includes distributors and traders selling medicines to hospitals, including drugs for HIV that are not sold on retail chemist outlets. As the virus makes inroads into India, with at least 39 people affected so far, drugmakers and pharmacists have begun assessing their stocks, anticipating an increase in demand in the local markets. “We have enough stock for paracetamol, oseltamivir, lopinavir and ritonavir along with other essential antibiotics,” added Singhal. While paracetamol reduces fever and body aches, oseltamivir is used to treat flu-like symptoms. Antiretrovirals Lopinavir and ritonavir keep HIV from reproducing and slows down the destruction of the immune system. While the role of antiretroviral drugs to treat coronavirus is still being investigated, the Drug Controller General of India had, in February, approved the “restricted use” of a combination of anti-HIV drugs along with other medicines used as a possible therapy against coronavirus in China.

Coronavirus: 39 infected in India, PM Modi cancels Bangladesh visit | Developments
India Today

India continued to battle fast-spreading coronavirus after five fresh cases -- including three who evaded screening on return from Italy -- were reported in Kerala, prompting the government on Sunday to sound a renewed alert. With this, the total number of coronavirus cases in India has spiked to 39. All the five, who tested positive for the infection days after the country's first three coronavirus patients from the state recovered, are relatives and hail from Ranni in Pathnamthitta district, Health minister, KK Shailaja said. The Left front government intensified efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by tracking persons with whom the three latest infected people came into contact since arrival and put the state on high alert, especially in Pathanamthitta district where all public programmes and religious gatherings have been called off. Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has asked everyone to follow the guidelines issued by the health department in the wake of the fresh coronavirus cases. Those who have come from nations affected by the virus, should get in touch through the telephone with district medical officers or government hospitals without fail. People who come to know about such cases also should inform authorities, the chief minister said in a Facebook post.

Doctor, patient killed, three seriously injured as ambulance rams into truck
The Statesman- Swati Sharma

A doctor and his female patient were killed after an ambulance carrying them from Dehradun to Delhi rammed into a parked truck in Deoband on Saturday night. Three others, including the son of the woman patient sustained serious injuries and were admitted to an area hospital in a critical condition. Confirming two deaths and injuries to three in this accident the Circle Officer of Deoband informed that the dead bodies have been sent for postmortem and the injured admitted to a city hospital where they are being treated upon for their injuries. According to the police, an ambulance with a burns patient Sunita Kashyap of Adarsh Nagar locality in Dehradun was on way to Delhi on Saturday night after the doctors referred her in view of her critical condition. Doctor Gaurav Kumar, Sunita’s son Shubham Kashyap, and his friend Anubhav Chauhan were also travelling in the ambulance which was driven by Vaibhav Pandey. While going at a high speed on the Deoband flyover, Vaibhav spotted a truck parked in the middle of the flyover and failed to apply the brakes on time. As a result, the ambulance rammed into the stationary truck with a massive force. The eyewitnesses rushed for help and informed the Police immediately which arrived quickly. The injured were rushed to the hospital while the dead bodies of patient Sunita and doctor Gaurav, who died on the spot, were sent for postmortem. The police also informed the relatives of the deceased and the injured in Dehradun.