Editor in Chief Dr KK Aggarwal, Padma Shri Awardee                                                                               Dated:14 January,2020

TB treatment made easy with ‘Zero Tuberculosis’ initiative

There are many TB patients who have received help from Zero Tuberculosis started by Amit Verma, assistant professor at the pharmacy department of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Rohilkhand University, in October. Verma launched Zero Tuberculosis, a unique digital platform, on Facebook to help poor TB patients.

Bareilly: A 24-year-old woman suffering from tuberculosis (TB) was not getting free medicines regularly due to “carelessness” of accredited social health activists (Asha) of her village in Bhamora area of Bareilly district. The woman, an illiterate, was too sceptical to lodge a complaint with senior officials. Last month, however, she received a call from a volunteer of ‘Zero Tuberculosis’, who asked her several questions about her disease and the treatment. The woman told the volunteer that she was not getting medicines regularly. The volunteer shared her problem with district tuberculosis officials, who immediately ensured that Asha workers provide her with the monthly medicines on time....read more

Ambient Particulate Air Pollution and Daily Mortality in 652 Cities

An increase of 10 µg per cubic meter in the two days moving average of PM10 concentration (average over the current and previous day) was associated with increases of 0.44% in daily all-cause mortality, 0.36% in daily cardiovascular mortality, and 0.47% in daily respiratory mortality, revealed a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine....read more

Makar Sankranti: Uttarayana: The Medical Importance

An extremely auspicious day, Lohri marks the sun’s entry in to the ‘Makar Rashi’. The next day after lohri is Makar Sankranti. One can remember lohri as the end of winter and Makar Sankranti as the first day of summer.

The word Sankranti means “change of direction” and the sun changes its direction northwards on the day of Makar Sankranti....read more



Healthcare News Monitor

Maharashtra FDA lab investigations reveal only 232 NSQ drug samples found in 2019
Pharmabiz India - Shardul Nautiyal

The Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s state-wise lab investigations in 34 districts have revealed that only 232 drug samples were found to be not-of-standard quality (NSQ) in 2019 as per the recent Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) report. This according to experts is very minuscule as Maharashtra represents more than 12 per cent of the over 1 lakh crore total pharmaceutical business in the state. Besides this, more than 65,000 different brands of medicines of 5,000 pharmaceutical companies in Maharashtra are sold through 90,000 retail and wholesale licensees. This comes at a time when the state FDA has started testing around 30 samples at the newly set up Nagpur lab on a daily basis with lab staff from Aurangabad and Mumbai based testing labs. Earlier, Maharashtra FDA had only two drug testing laboratories one at Mumbai and another at Aurangabad. Centre had sanctioned Rs.138 crore for strengthening drug regulatory system in the state and funds to the tune of Rs.17 crore were sanctioned for the Nagpur project to strengthen labs and manpower. Besides Nagpur lab which has also got NABL accreditation, all the labs in Mumbai, Aurangabad and Nagpur are getting upgraded, according to officials.

Environmentalists oppose Pharma City project in Hyderabad on environmental concerns
Pharmabiz India - A Raju

The environmentalists and members from various social organisations while speaking at an environment conservation seminar in Hyderabad have expressed concern over the state government’s proposal to construct a mega pharma city on the outskirts of Hyderabad. They fear that it would drain all the natural resources and destroy the environment and cause dangerous pollution to air, water and land and may also cause the destruction of natural ecosystem. According to Dr. Narasimha Reddy, president of Citizens Against Pollution, gigantic pharma city project proposed by the state government to be built over an area of more than 19,000 acres is going to cause grave danger to the environment, as it will not only drain the natural resources but also cause severe pollution to air, water and land. “We are advising the state government to retrieve back from its proposal of building a pharma city over a huge extent of land as it is not only dangerous to the environment but also not viable. Destruction of trees, clearing of ground by digging hilly regions will destroy the natural ecosystem. Clearing greenery and digging activity will lead to rise in the carbon dioxide levels and lead to pollution of environment both directly and indirectly. In view of the above we are advising the government to adopt some alternative measures to improve industrial sector by giving priority to environment first, or else it will lead to an another tenure of unleashing pollution in Hyderabad causing grave danger to not only to the humans but also to the flora and fauna in the surrounding,” said Narasimha Reddy.

UP: Newborn dragged, killed by dog inside hospital's operation theatre
The Times of India- Arvind Chauhan

In a shocking incident, a newborn was dragged and killed minutes after his birth by a stray dog inside the operation theatre of a private hospital in Farrukhabad city of Uttar Pradesh on Monday. The incident took place at 8.30am at Akash Ganga in Awas Vikas Colony. Ravi Kumar, who works with a private finance firm, had come to the hospital with his pregnant wife, Kanchan, who was going through labour pain. "Initially, the hospital’s nursing staff informed us that a normal delivery will be conducted, but moments later after consulting the doctor, they told us that my wife had to go for a caesarean. So, they took her to the operation theatre, and an hour later, they informed us that the operation was successful and my wife has been shifted to a ward, while the baby was still in the OT. They told me to wait outside,” Ravi Kumar said. "A few minutes later, the hospital staff came out shouting about the presence of a dog inside the OT. Sensing danger, I rushed to the OT and saw my child lying on the floor in a pool of blood. The newborn had dog bite marks on his chest and left eye. He was lying still with no movement. The dog again tried to enter the OT while I screamed for help for my kid,” said Kumar. He added, "I confronted the doctors and hospital staff for their inhuman treatment and negligence, but instead of feeling guilty, they offered me money and asked me to remain silent over the incident. They told me that my baby was stillborn and the dog had entered the OT by mistake.”

Tirunelveli: In this govt hospital, untrained technician, student perform dialysis at nights
The New Indian Express

Patients visiting the government Kudankulam hospital for kidney dialysis have claimed that they were forced to visit the hospital in the nights for treatment due to shortage of dialysis technician here on Monday. Speaking to TNIE, the patients wishing anonymity, said that the hospital authorities are using an untrained technician and a student to perform dialysis after a trained technician discontinued the job due to poor salary. “At present, the technician comes to the hospital in the night. “We find it very difficult to return home as there are no bus service during the night hours. Those with several health issues spend the night in the hospital. If any problem takes place during performing dialysis, it would be impossible for the authorities to shift the patients to another hospital. “We request the Joint Director (Health) to arrange well-trained technicians as soon as possible,” they added. Joint Director (Health) said that his administration is trying to recruit a technician on contract basis. “Once we get a technician, we would start performing dialysis in the daytime. At present, a technician from a private hospital is performing dialysis in the GH after his shift. We do not have any student performing dialysis here,” he added.