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Researchers in US give first shot to person in experimental COVID-19 vaccine test

According to a report by the Associated Press (AP), scientists at the Kaiser Permanente Washington Research Institute in Seattle begin an 'anxiously awaited first-stage study of a potential COVID-19 vaccine developed in record time'.

Seattle [US]: As coronavirus cases continue to shoot up across the globe, researchers in the US gave first shot to the first person in a test of an experimental COVID-19 vaccine on Monday.
According to a report by the Associated Press (AP), scientists at the Kaiser Permanente Washington Research Institute in Seattle begin an 'anxiously awaited first-stage study of a potential COVID-19 vaccine developed in record time'....read more

Speak softly and maintain a social distance from people who talk face to face, sing, shout or do breathing exercises

Latest studies and a large coronavirus outbreak in Massachusetts question the spread of novel coronavirus.

As of now, it is known that the virus spreads primarily by people who have symptoms, such as fever, cough or difficulty in breathing. However, it appears that a Massachusetts coronavirus cluster with at least 82 cases was initiated by people who were not showing symptoms at that moment. Concordant to this report, over half a dozen studies have shown that people without symptoms are responsible for substantial infection....read more

Should we allow all below 40 to get the infection as a part of herd immunity plan

‘herd immunity’ coronavirus plan is not scientific
The suggestion of herd immunity is based on the hypothesis that if 50 % of people ( all less than 40 years with least mortality) are infected, epidemic can not only be contained but the probable chances of another wave of infection can be prevented. However, vulnerable people should not be exposed to Covid-19 right now in the service of a hypothetical future. ....read more

COVID deaths will cross 7000

India - States 14, Total cases 110, Serious Zero, Death 2, Community spread zero; Super spreader Zero; Men more than women;
ICMR - Testing across 52 labs (ICMR-National Institute of Virology, Pune is the apex laboratory for reconfirmation of any positive samples); additionally, 57 other labs to help sample collection
Countries 157 - Continents all except Antarctica, Cases 169516 cases (5% extra if CT diagnosis is taken), Deaths 6515, Recovered: 77753, currently infected: 85248, Mild: 79327 (93%), Serious 5921 (7) ....read more

What is the importance of silence?

True silence is the silence between the thoughts and represents the true self, consciousness or the soul. It is a web of energized information ready to take all, provided there is a right intent. Meditation is the process of achieving silence. Observing silence is another way of deriving benefits of meditation. Many yogis in the past have recommended and observed silence now and then. Mahatma Gandhi spent one day in silence every week. He believed that abstaining from speaking brought him inner peace and happiness. On all such days, he communicated with others only by writing on paper....read more

How Corona Aware Are You

Health Sutras By Dr K K Aggarwal

Did you know? One loose motion in diarrhea is equivalent to 200 ml of fluid loss from the body.



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Rajasthan official says anti-HIV drugs proved crucial in coronavirus treatment

A combination of two anti-HIV drugs has proved crucial in the treatment of coronavirus positive cases, a senior official of the Rajasthan government said. Additional Chief Secretary (Medical and Health) Rohit Kumar Singh said the patients' condition improved after they were administered the anti-HIV drugs. Three of the four patients in the state have now been declared coronavirus-free. Singh said the first two patients tested positive for the virus were an Italian couple. "Their symptoms were flu-like so they were initially given anti-malaria and anti-swine flu drugs," he said. "All this while, our doctors were in touch with the Indian Council of Medical Research and the Drug Controller General of India. Since the structure of coronavirus is similar to that of HIV to some extent, so they tried a combination of the two anti-HIV drugs," he added. "It appears it (combination of drugs) is working because three patients have recovered. Good thing is that all the three patients are elderly and the successful result of the drug on patients of such age is a big thing," he said.

Germany hits back over US virus vaccine interest

The German government has promised to defend itself against alleged attempts by US president Donald Trump to buy exclusive rights to a German company''s research into a vaccine against the coronavirus. "Germany is not for sale," economy minister Peter Altmaier told broadcaster ARD, reacting to a front page report in Welt am Sonntag newspaper headlined "Trump vs Berlin". The newspaper claimed that Trump is trying to secure exclusive rights to a potential vaccine against the global health threat that has now killed some 6,000 people, which is being worked on by biotech firm CureVac. Citing sources close to the German government, Die Welt reported that Trump had offered "a billion dollars" to secure the vaccine "only for the United States". At a news conference on Sunday, interior minister Horst Seehofer was asked to confirm the attempts to court the German company. "I can only say that I have heard several times today from government officials today that this is the case, and we will be discussing it in the crisis committee tomorrow," he said.

Coronavirus live updates | Mumbai reports first COVID-19 death
The Hindu

As the world continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, India has been taking several steps to ensure the virus doesn't spread in the country. This includes tightening the land borders and travel ban. In addition to this, several States have closed educational institutions, public places like parks, theratres and malls, and have advised against inter-State travel. The Union Health Ministry on Tuesday at 9.15 am said there were 125 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in India. We have been covering the developments related to the coronavirus pandemic as it unfolded. Here are answers from experts on your queries about the virus, a list of State Helpline numbers, and a map of confirmed cases in India.

After first coronavirus case, Odisha asks foreigners to register their arrival in the state
Hindustan Times

Shortly after Odisha registered its first case of coronavirus, the state government ordered all foreigners to register their arrival into state and quarantine themselves for 14 days. The government also announced an incentive of Rs 15,000 per person for those foreigners who will register themselves. The failure to do so, said the government, will be considered a crime. Tracking Coronavirus Outbreak: Track Live Updates: An official in Odisha capital Bhubaneswar said that a researcher who recently returned from Italy tested positive for coronavirus disease Covid-19. The 33-year-old, who reached Delhi from Italy on March 6 and travelled to Bhubaneswar by train on March 12, is being treated at the Capital Hospital in the Odisha capital. “His condition is stable and he is not showing any other complications,” Odisha government’s chief spokesperson on coronavirus cases Subroto Bagchi told reporters. The man consulted a doctor on March 13, complaining of fever and headache, and was admitted to the hospital’s isolation ward the next day.’ As he travelled by train from Delhi to Bhubaneswar, the state government has launched a “contact tracing exercise”, Bagchi said. His family members have been quarantined and kept under observation.