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Swine flu strategy to check coronavirus deaths in Rajasthan

JAIPUR: The state health department has adopted a swine flu-like strategy to check deaths due to Covid-19. According to experts, both the diseases have similar initial symptoms and the pattern of death is almost the same.
So far, 19 people have lost their lives to coronavirus in the state. During the 2015 swine flu outbreak, the most vulnerable population was elderly, pregnant women and people having medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, lung diseases,...read more


India has started convalescent plasma therapy in COVID 19 patients. ILBS, Kerala, TN and many other centers have started it. Its time
1.For a central website of the donors
2.Indian Red Cross to become the nodal agency
3.Expedite permissions to hospitals....read more

You look at people the same way as you are

Honest people regard everybody as honest and dishonest people regard everybody as dishonest. It all depends on the type of people you interact with. If you do not take bribe, nobody will come and offer bribe to you and you will feel everybody is honest. If you take bribe then everybody will come to you to offer bribe and you will feel that everybody in the society is dishonest....read more

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India''s trajectory satisfactory as doubling of corona cases dips: AIIMS Director
Outlook India

While the country is battling the outbreak of the COVID-19, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Director has suggested that India''s trajectory is satisfactory as compared to the other countries as "the doubling time has decreased." Speaking to IANS, AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria said, "In my opinion, the trajectory in our country is satisfying, if you see, the doubling time has slowed down and we haven''t seen a steep rise in the number of cases as we saw in Italy, US, Spain and other countries. In some parts of the country the cases have started to decline." Untill Friday morning, the total number of coronavirus cases in India reached 13,387 on Friday morning, including 76 foreign nationals, with 11,201 active cases, the Union Health Ministry said. When asked if anti-malarial drug HCQ is capable enough, Guleria said, "There are a few studies that show that HCQ has capabilities to decrease the viral load." "Based on a risk-benefit analysis, it was decided that doctors who are dealing with high-risk patients could take this drug under correct supervision to reduce the viral load. The use of HCQ is safe and it may help in decreasing the viral load," he added. Since Guleria is one of the key members of India''s task force against COVID-19. About the next big step in dealing with the pandemic, he said, "Currently the biggest step we need to take is the aggressive lockdown in the hotspots so that we prevent large number of cases. "At the same time we should strengthen our medical infrastructure. Also, we should be prepared in case the number of cases increases, we make these facilities available," he said. Reacting to the death of doctors treating COVID patients, he said, "Doctors are always at a higher risk as they are in close contact with the patients. The virus load increases when the patient reaches the ICUs." "Though the doctors take up all possible measures, there are times when immediate steps are required. For example, if you have a sick patient who crashes, the doctors don''t get time to be prepared and that''s where such things happen. For doctors, patients and their well-being are most important."

US May Have Dropped Standards Too Far For Anti-Malarial Drug: Report

On March 21, two days after President Donald Trump first touted chloroquine drugs as a "gamechanger" in the fight against COVID-19, administration officials privately described what they felt was a "win" in the president's efforts to build an emergency stockpile of the drugs: a hefty donation of pills from Bayer AG. In an exchange of enthusiastic emails among federal health officials reviewed by Reuters, Keagan Lenihan, chief of staff of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), cautioned that "3-4 days" of testing would be needed. "Potentially serious issues with product so let's be careful when we take that win," she wrote. Bayer has since donated three million tablets of the drug, called Resochin, to the US national stockpile for treatment of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. After a brief period of testing, its use in the United States was approved on an emergency basis. But three US government sources familiar with the matter told Reuters that there is reason to be concerned about the quality of Resochin and its makers, located in India and Pakistan.

En route to hospital, woman gives birth inside police jeep in west Delhi’s Khyala
The Tribune

A woman delivered a baby boy inside a police jeep amid the ongoing lockdown while they were on their way to a hospital in west Delhi’s Khyala, police said on Friday. The pregnant woman along with her family went to the police station and met a woman constable Suman on Thursday night, they said. “The family requested the constable to seek an ambulance for the woman. The constable informed her seniors and a police gypsy was sent,” said Deepak Purohit, Deputy Commissioner of Police (West). The pregnant woman, Mini Kumar, was in labour and delivered the baby inside the police jeep, the DCP said. According to police, the jeep was hardly one kilometre away from the hospital when the woman delivered the baby. Her husband and sister pulled out the baby while the woman constable helped in the delivery.

5-day break for staff, proper kits — how Punjab hospital is handling Covid-19 in hotspot
The Print- Taran Deol

There is not a soul in the area surrounding the Gian Sagar Medical College and Hospital at the Punjab city of Banur — just 20 km south of the state capital Chandigarh. The hospital itself is almost haunting in its all-white interiors. Declared as a nodal centre for the coronavirus outbreak by the Punjab government on 24 March, Gian Sagar has 51 positive cases from three districts earmarked for it — SAS Nagar, Fatehgarh Sahib and Roop Nagar. The hospital is critical in Punjab’s fight against Covid-19 as it houses 38 patients from just one village — Jawaharpur. The village at Dera Bassi sub-division in SAS Nagar (Mohali) district is home to roughly 3,200 people and is so inconspicuous that it can be easily missed if one is not paying attention while on National Highway 1. But the village is responsible for SAS Nagar being identified as one of the 170 hotspots in the country, with the government classifying it in the Red Zone. Districts in the Red Zone will have to follow stringent lockdown measures. However, Colonel S.P.S. Goraya, the nodal centre’s medical superintendent, told ThePrint that for the past two days — since 14 April — no coronavirus patient has been admitted here.