Editor in Chief Dr KK Aggarwal, Padma Shri Awardee                                                                               Dated:30 November,2019

Over 300 children and adolescents die every day from AIDS-related causes

Some 320 children and adolescents died every day from AIDS-related causes in 2018, or 13 every hour, according to a global snapshot on children, HIV and AIDS released by UNICEF.

Low access to antiretroviral treatment, in addition to limited prevention efforts, is a leading cause for these deaths, with only 54 per cent of children aged 0-14 living with HIV in 2018 – or 790,000 children – receiving lifesaving antiretroviral therapy… (UNICEF, November 26, 2019)

ICU Facilities in Private Hospitals Referred by Delhi Government

The medical treatment in government hospitals is free. As per article 47 it is the duty of the state government to provide free treatment for all emergency situations and medical conditions under the National or State health Programs.

Most state hospitals are not able to meet the demand and therefore the only solution is to empanel private hospitals under predefined fee structure to provide cover for referred patients from state run government hospitals for non-availability of beds for an investigation.

Currently Delhi Government provides free treatment for all victims of accident, rape, CSA, acid burn through all hospitals, private or government. Through the Delhi Arogya Kosh the Government also provides free high end diagnostics to all citizens of Delhi referred by Delhi Government Hospitals if the waiting list for any of these crosses 30 days. ....read more

Spiritual Prescriptions: Satsang

Satsang is a common household word and is often held in many residential colonies. Traditionally, Satsang means the regular meeting of a group of elderly or women of an area with a common intention of attaining inner happiness or peace through Bhajans or devotional songs for a particular God or Gods. In Satsang, people realize that it is the Self, communing with Self.

The Sanskrit word ‘Satsang’ literally means gathering together for guidance, mutual support or in search of truth. It may involve talking together, eating together, working together, listening together or praying together.

Most scriptures describe Sat and asat. They discriminate that this world is maya (asat) and God is Divine. Furthermore, they state that maya is not yours; Divine is yours. ....read more

Healthcare News Monitor

Bareilly hospital sees 20% rise in hypochondria cases
The Times of India - Priyangi Agarwal

Bareilly: When a 32-year-old started having abdominal pain due to an infection, he became obsessed that he had some serious illness. As the man’s father had died due to cancer, the man searched on the internet about stomach cancer and found a few similar symptoms. Though he consulted three doctors who all told him that he was fine, the man refused to believe them and became anxious, thinking that he had first stage cancer. He was later referred to a mental hospital (https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/topic/mental-hospital) where he was diagnosed with hypochondria (https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/topic/hypochondria). According to experts, hypochondria is a mental illness in which a person believes that he or she has serious and undiagnosed medical condition. Officials at the mental hospital here say there has been more than 20% (https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/topic/20) increase in number of hypochondria cases per month over the past three years due to rising awareness about the disease. Earlier, five such cases were registered in a month. Now, at least 25 are reported.

Swine flu: No isolation beds, separate queues in hospitals
The Times of India – Vivek Singh Chauhan

LUCKNOW: The H1N1 virus has already infected 550 people in the city and claimed seven lives, but three major governmentaided hospitals here are doing precious little to prevent the swine flu scourge. It becomes more important given the fact that December-February are most conducive for the spread of H1N1 virus. A TOI reality check on Friday exposed how blatantly safety protocol and guidelines of the World Health Organisation are being violated at a time the seasonal intensity of the disease is expected to increase. According to WHO, every hospital should have separate registration counters for suspected swine flu patients and isolation wards for confirmed H1N1 cases. Posters with dos and don’ts for visitors must be put up everywhere while OPD signs should guide patient to exclusive waiting areas.

Mayor visits KEM after foetus-dragging incident
The Asian Age – Vrushali Purandare

Mumbai’s new mayor Kishori Pednekar visited civic-run KEM Hospital on Friday to conduct a surprise inspection after an incident where a cat was spotted by the cleaning staff dragging what was suspected to be a three-week-old human foetus at the hospital. According to a senior staff of KEM hospital, the biomedical waste room was left open and the cat dragged the foetus to the nearby residential quarters. Some residents spotted the animal chewing on the foetus and informed the authorities about the same. The civic administration ordered an inquiry to know how the cat got access to biomedical waste, which is supposed to be kept out of reach of everyone except the staff authorised to handle it. Ms Pednekar said, “I had come to inspect the daily work of the hospital and I have also personally checked the work of all departments. The authorities have been asked to work on few things and I will make sure that it is implemented.”
The foetus, two to three months old, was sent for forensic analysis and the DNA was preserved for identification. “We found the foetus without the head. The cat had nibbled at it,” a doctor said.

Medical Blunder: Hospital Mistakenly Transplants Kidney To Wrong Patient With Same Name
India Times - Shreya Chauhan

If you have seen the trailer of the upcoming Akshay-Kareena movie, Good Newwz, you would know that owing to the similarity in the last names of the couples, the doctors mistakenly inseminate one woman with the sperm of the other guy. Well something similar happened in the real life, just not with eggs and sperms. A medical mix-up at Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Camden, New Jersey led to wrong kidney transplant. According to PEOPLE, the day after the organ was successfully transplanted, an employee on the clinical team discovered the 51-year-old patient received the kidney “out of priority order.” Both the patients looking for a transplant apparently had the same name and were of similar age, which led to the administrative error in identifying the correct patient next in order on the transplant list. Fortunately, the person higher up the priority list received a kidney transplant soon. Both the patients are now in recovery.